Communication in business has always a vital ingredient, particularly in the global market place. Different jobs and industries have differing communication requirements. Hence assessing the right communication skills for the job and using the right assessment is very important.

Our communication assessments are based on proven assessment frameworks. The effectiveness of these assessments are accentuated by the use of technology and automation. Moreover, outcomes can be readily measured through the use of performance based communication tests.

We have done the work, and know what it takes to get it right. Not only from the perspective of skills qualifications, but also bringing the right type of outlook and aspirations that will fit with your team, and vision of the future.

Recruitment Process

  • Employees current and previous jobs
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee absences
  • Tardiness
  • Supervisor reviews
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee complaints

This was an open-ended question, so rather than pick from a list of suggested companies, executives named the vendors they use themselves. To make the list, vendors had to be recommended by at least three executives from different staffing and recruitment firms and were ranked by the number of recommendations they received.Of all the vendors named, only nine received 10 or more recommendations and Enintech is proud to be named

At Enintech our mission is to deliver high quality customer service to both our clients and consultants; setting ourselves apart as a valuable partner. We embrace excellence in service, delivery, and speed. Enintech IT Staffing and Professional Services Division provides top quality candidates to fill contract, contract-to-hire, permanent, payroll, and professional service engagements. Our experienced sales, recruiting, and back-office support teams deliver the right talent at the right time and at the right price. Utilizing the latest recruiting technology, combined with local networking and referrals, we are able to locate quality candidates for our clients. We help our clients win the best talent for their projects.